I Got A Zuca!!

8 Jan 2013

There is nothing else to say apart from
A beautiful, fire engine red Zuca Pro box.
It is a beauty and the crappy pictures here do not do it justice at all.
This is actually the first thing I got from Funke in December. The others were addendums to it, lol.
What huge investment did you make in December?


  1. YAYYYYYY i’m a believer in investing in your career. The zuca is on my wishlist for 2013. I invested in cream foundations and stocked up on my airbrush foundations......between your pics are not crappy.

    1. Lol, the pics are crappy o.
      You go girl! and get the fire engine red one too. it truly is a beauty to behold.

  2. OH WOWWW!!!! Please your pictures are not crappy jooor. i've been seriously thinking about getting this. I got the crown case instead but the zuca has been on my mind for ages. I invested in brushes ,translucent powders,mixing mediums et al. as you know brushes are no joke. Next is HD foundations (cream) and probably just cave and get this. Congrats babe, this thing is a life saver!!


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