Celebrating 'Chychy Okiche'

17 Nov 2012

I know that some of you will be wondering who Chychy Okiche is.
Well, she is a dear friend who models for my shoots. For those of who are familiar with my work you must have seen a lot of her.
One of Chychy's facebook pictures
So she is getting married. I am really happy and excited for her (we did a trial/pre-wedding shoot for her last month and some of the pictures were shared on facebook). I am on my knees praying that her dear, darling husband will still let her model for me *sigh on that*

Well, that isn't what this post is about.
I am celebrating her today. For being there for me, for never complaining all the times we had to travel far distances to Sarah's studio, for letting me experiment on her etc. and last but not the least, letting me make her beautiful on her very special day.

I have an album on facebook of some of my favourite 'Chychy pictures'. I will share that album with you too
Am I Vixen?
Tangerine Tango
Tangerine Tango
wedding shoot
The Changeling
wedding shoot
wedding shoot
Of course you can see more of her on my facebook page - Barbara & 1923
Congratulations dear and Happy Married life!

Photography - Sarah Ohis
Makeup - Barbara
Styling - Obehi (Am I Vixen?), Sarah & Barbara

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