Product Review: INGLOT 2 Eyeshadow Freedom Square & Sleeks Lipgloss

22 Oct 2012

For the first time ever, a friend of mine got me makeup as a gift. Considering that it is a male friend I must say that this endeared me more to him than ever and once again I say 'Thank you' to him.

Not only did he just buy me makeup, he got me Inglot, my very first Inglot makeup which made it all the more exciting.
if you know Inglot, then you must have heard of their freedom system which lets you customise a palette with your choice of colours.
I got a 2 e/s square freedom palette
I did ask him how he managed to pick the colours and he said from my wardrobe and makeup colours preferences over a period of time (*wow* I would never have guessed that he noticed)
I got a lipgloss from the Sleeks range to accompany the e/s palette
Sleeks Lipgloss: non-sticky, lightweight, moisturising, paraben free formula with vitamin E
see all the shimmer in it
the one I got - no 32; is actually a champagne pinkish colour which comes out as clear when applied directly to the lips. The light-weight aspect of the formulation? I can attest to that and the shimmer is really pretty.
Would I get again if I got the chance? Definitely yes.
- The e/s formulation is fantastic and velvety describes it beautifully (check out my picture review of the palette here).
- Next to no fallout which is fantastic (I used a fluffy brush to apply it all over my eyes and nothing came off. It applied smoothly).
- The l/g is perfect for those nude makeup days or just days you don't want to wear makeup but still want some sparkle. The light-weight formula eliminates the heavy, made up feeling we sometimes have with l/g & l/s.

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  1. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

    1. Thank you Michelle. I absolutely love your blog too. Your pictures are gorgeous, I really need to learn from you.


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