Product Review: Blush Beauty - Liquid Foundation, Loose Powder & Lipsticks

25 Oct 2012

It is way past the Nigerian Independence Day and being my Independence Day haul, this post is really late but it had to go on the queue along with my other product reviews.

Well, it is finally here though so I say let's go for it.

On Independence Day here in Nigeria - October 1; I received a 'Thank You' package from Blush Beauty and this is what was contained in the package
Liquid foundation, Loose Powder and 2 lipsticks
I was really excited to be getting the foundation and loose powder as I have secretly longed to try them out and post a review of them.
Liquid Foundation
I have a healthy mix of red and yellow in my skin which indicates that I am warm toned but for some weird reason, the N9 Cool Neutral seemed to be the closest shade to my skin tone.
I am still not quite sure about it though and I have only used it a couple of times. But everyone seems to think it is perfect for my skin tone. I do feel a little pale with it on though.
It comes with this applicator wand sorta thing which means you don't have to tip the bottle to get product out of it. It works for me cos this is for personal use but for pro use I would say unless you are using a palette, don't use this applicator as it could lead to unconscious double dipping.
I also got the loose powder in a cool neutral tone. It still feels odd especially as everyone knows I love a generous amount of yellow in my loose powders as I use them for highlighting my face a lot.
It still comes in the traditional sifter packaging for loose powders. That means you have to be careful when carrying around as the seal can become less sticky thus enabling the product to pass through and move to the upper layer if not handled carefully
Orange and pink, I couldn't have asked for more - my favourite for the year and my recent favourite
with flash
- The outer packaging of the products is beautiful. Considering I am generally partial to black packaging, I must however say that a lot of thought was put into it especially the one for the foundation and lipsticks.
- I was a bit let down by the inner packaging of the loose powders. There are so many innovative loose powder packages now and considering that this brand only recently started catering to makeup artists, I would have expected that the packaging reflected thought toward retail customers.
- The formulation of the foundation is beautiful (once I didn't let myself think about the shade against my skin I appreciated this). It provides medium coverage and is very buildable. It is water based and so helps in suppressing shine during the day.
- The lipstick formulas are moisturising and very pigmented (all my attempts at doing a lip swatch of them ended up in disaster on my part, lol), 2 coats of each totally covered my lips.

*These products were sponsored for review. I am not affiliated with the company and not paid to write this review. The opinions expressed are my personal opinions as regards the products.

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