The First Lagos Makeup Fair

17 Sept 2012

It was the first Lagos makeup fair on the 8th of September and yours truly was there (why won't I be there?). Needless to say, it was a successful event.
My poor photography skills have once again being tested and I think i failed this one but I would still love to share the pictures I took with you (I am quite sure you will be able to differentiate the ones I took and the ones I have swapped from others, lol)

Yemisi and Folayemi were the first people I met as soon as I came out of the cab. Only natural to take a picture with them first.
as soon as I entered the venue of the fair, I walked straight to Funke aka Madam Gifty's; table and dropped my bag.
I went over to Taries Makeup stand immediately after. Prestige cosmetics was launching and I wanted to make sure I bought something from each of the new makeup lines before anything else.
I bought a shimmery turqoise-green liquid liner.
and of course a picture with Taries (this was taken much later o. She didn't have makeup on when i first visited her stand, lol)
The House of Tara stand was right opposite Taries'. Of course I had to stop by and say hi, let them know I was yet to try out the new lipsticks and take a picture with Mr. Vincent.
i headed off to the Arike stand. Ha, I caught Dolapo still applying her makeup, lol.
Arike is a new Nigerian makeup brand (I mentioned it in this post)
I got a pen liquid liner and a lovely shimmer eyeshadow ( I was told that their face primers are the bomb)
took pictures with the 2 lovely sisters (I was with them at Wed Expo. See this post)
I even finally got to meet Taiwo Gbenle who is on my BB for the first time. Cool I say
 And I was off to the Barry M stand where I purchased a gold eyeshadow pencil.
After that, I was free to traipse about all I wanted. So i mingled, took pictures and generally had fun.
Here are pictures of the remaining things I did after my first set of purchases.
I am sure you already know who 3 of the people in this picture are. As regards the 4th person. Well, I knew her face looked familiar and especially as her stand was right beside Funke's I had an opportunity to stare at her and squint my eyes very well trying hard to remember. Well, I didn't. She had to come up to me and introduce herself and then it clicked, lol. Oma makeovers from the Nigerian MUAs FB group.
Oma makeovers stand
Yaaay!. Fred Kuro, a guest, Yhewande, Folayemi, Funke and I
well I was on the phone and we were trying to get Lola into the picture
this is what she was doing. No way we could have dragged her away from making some money
I did get her to pose for a pic with Mr. Vincent of HOT later
I got to meet Divaz. Her stand was directly opposite Funke's so we were introduced.
yes that's her
she and Isoken
she has her own branded products
omigosh, this is serious money business. Funke ain't smiling at all. I am sure Kelechi is wondering why the seriousness, lol
P.S. Kelechi's birthday was on the same day. I hope we all remembered to send her birthday greetings
still serious *sigh*
It didn't deter me from ransacking her table for the nude lip colour I wanted. I got 2 matte lip creams from NYX and more FF freebies from GD
poor Nene, she was fagged out after doing makeup for some of the hostesses and setting up her own stand. I still had to get a picture with her though.
Kelechi and Renaissance makeovers
I got to meet Labelle.
I got one of the last 2 wet n' wild 8 colour palettes from her stand. Wish I could get more. I have been rocking that palette since the fair and I am head over heels in love with it. can someone send me another one please?
a stand selling makeup boxes right beside Labelle. Wish I had stayed longer because I heard they gave out one of those huge makeup boxes.
went back to take a picture with her but the money making stance had taken over.
Money is talking here o
there I was just taking a pic of the stand. Took the picture before I realised that Yhewande actually posed for it, lol.
I was out of money (i overspent sef) and was running out of the venue when Yhewande gave me 3 falsies for free *dancing*. I just had to scavenge in the carcass of my handbag for money and I got 2 lovely pencils.
buying and selling, Yemisi in action. She has to get her money's worth na
i have caught you people on camera already. See as them dey advertise close-up for me
Shades & Sparkles. Heard of them for the first time
the HOT stand
yaaay! I got to meet Maradarah. She was in a hurry but I got a quick shot with her. She is based in the UK and on my BB and so it was really nice meeting her in person.
first stand on the left as soon as you walk into the tent. Wondered why they were there though and I am very sure they felt left out.
I almost missed meeting Gbemi of Hegai & Esther but I am sure glad I got to meet her.
Ewaoju & Lola. What the heck is that pen you are holding up girl? It had better have a meaning o.
the stand right beside the Barry M stand.
Sacha stand, I didn't stop by here though. Did I miss?
the Sleek stand. Didn't see a lot of people there and heard they didn't have a lot of the new products.
for the life of me, I can't remember what stand this was. I am seeing quite a lot of Zaron and Elf products here. Help me out.
Venus, to represent skincare I guess
can't remember. I think it was a skincare stand though.
they looked so pretty. Just had to take a pic of them. Love the bun.
need I introduce them all again? don't think so
Yes Moni, I remembered you, lol.
Moni and Kemi
Bola (a twitter follower of mine)
And the other pictures I stole. I don't know who the photographer is but I must say that I have never seen pictures of myself like this before. I laughed when I saw them and just had to share.
ah yes I remember. We were discussing the matte creams *rolling my eyes*
can you pick me out in this crowd?
a better picture of us. With Jide this time around. And I was off the phone
What the heck was I saying? I can't even remember this pose. What were we doing outside?
and I am redeemed *sigh of relief*
There it is. My day at LMUF. It was loads of fun, I met loads of Nigerian MUAs and also loads of people who read my blog *preening*, ROFL. It was a pleasure meeting you all and hanging out with all my fellow makeup artists.

Omolola, job well done. I do look forward to another event like this. Hopefully I will have more money to buy ALL the stuff I want (and need perhaps), lol.


  1. It looks like you guys have loads of fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    P.S. I spotted you in the group picture in the far right beside a standing fan. Apparently, four eyes are better than two ... LOL!

    1. Oh yes we did o. Left before a couple of others got there but I still had fun nonetheless.
      Lol, at 4 eyes being better than 2.

    2. haha - fancy running into you here - very cool :-)

  2. Barbie!!! finally, yes ooo i had so much.Thank you darlyn...

    1. LOL at the finally. Were you waiting? I am waiting for your haul o.

    2. You are waiting for my Haul ke, i will post soonest...

  3. I missed u at the fair,would av loved to see you tho.check out my post on the fair at now following your blog, pls follow me back,cheers

    1. Awww, would have loved to meet you too. I have actually checked out your post on the fair already. Good job.

  4. Interesting post - i would have liked to attended the fair. I am a wedding & lifestyle photographer and am actually looking for a make-up artist (as well as a hair stylist) to team up with for a couple of projects. Do you have any suggestions? You can check out my work at or


    1. Hello Wani,
      Thank you for visiting. I left a comment on your blog. Do check it out and let me know.

    2. awesome - thanks Barbara :-)

  5. wow. i'm so impressed at the turn out. i was told it was amazing. A colleague of mine went and sold out on all her products. Would have been nice to go but I was too lazy to attend. Jide the big guy (that's his name right) is a fab makeup artist met him at a fashion show in Abuja. Nice blog btw.xx

    1. Thank you dear and I consider the complement on my blog a big deal coming from you.
      It was really nice and yes his name is Jide. I met him at the fair *shame on me*, lol.

  6. It was really nice meeting and interacting wit you (Barbara). I'm still having fond memories frm the LMUF. Looking forward to similar events in the future!

    1. Aww, thank you Mr. Cornells and same here too.

  7. Hello Barbra, the stand you can't remember is the JAGABEAUTY STAND. The one With the Zaron products right? We didnt get a chance to meet that day. My name is Ngozy, Aka Jaga! We should meet soon. Cheers


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