My Hair | Before the Braids

18 Sept 2012

So my hair is in braids now. A relief I must say.
I am going to have them in braids until I can get suitable products for my natural hair (the ones I have caused me loads of acne on my arms, back and shoulders so I am not quite pleased about it)

Anyway, before I got the hair twisted into braids, here are some of the different styles I had it in (if you can call them styles that is)
the next time you see my natural curly hair, it will be devoid of its shiny ends.
same hairbands. and my arms hurt from the french braids, lol.
yep, my go-to style
the back, nothing new, let's move
tried 3 in front this time around. My arms felt the brunt I must say
the back. I was thinking that perhaps I should have done 2 at the back instead of one.
So that is my natural hair update. I am on the search for natural hair products I can use on my hair that won't cause me acne *sigh*. And they hurt a lot too.
Looking forward to seeing you again natural hair! And without my relaxed ends too. My hair stylist is more excited than I am about my impending afro, lol.


  1. Aww..u've gt really nice hair..thanks for the commnt on my blog :)
    nw ffing ..op u ff bk :)

    1. Thank you too Ofure. I am cutting it to an afro after my braids and really excited about that.


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