Steps to Personal Branding


I am currently a student of personal branding as I am on the road to building my personal brand and image.

I have been reading up on personal brand building and here are some of the key notes I have found along the way and I thought I would share them with you all:
- Discover your brand
- Know the difference between your internal and external brand: Your self-impression = How people perceive you
- Find your niche
- Put together your personal branding toolkit ie. business cards, resume etc.
- Create your online personality via a consistent social media presence on facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest and a blog/website
- Create your offline personality via a wardrobe that represents your personal style and brand.
- And don't forget your email address. It is common practise to neglect emailing with the advent of social media but we forget that all social media accounts are linked to an email address.
- The last and final step is STEP OUT INTO THE WORLD!!

How many of you have undertaken the Personal branding process and what step are you on now?

Barbara & 1923
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