Coloured eye makeup for the Office

4 Jul 2012

It is commonly assumed that makeup for the office should be somber or nude or only browns or just plain or next to nothing. This misconception has led to a lot of dullness and drabness in the work place. Thus, it is believed that only those who work in the creative industry have the liberty denied others.

However, this is a belief that has been borne out of the inability to tame colour as most colourful makeup looks are seen to be outlandish and overly bright.

Here are a few tips for rocking coloured eye makeup in the office:

1. Rock only one colour at a time: never use more than one colour at any one time.

2. Keep the colour on the lid: place the colour on the lids only and do not extend it to the crease of the eye.

3. Pair with a somber colour: any additional colour on the eyes should be a more subtle colour or black. This will help to tone down the colour.

4. Blend away: to further diffuse the bright colour, be sure to blend smoothly into the crease colour.

Here are 2 of my bright office looks

blue eye makeup
yellow eye makeup
5. Smoke out the colour: one of the most effective ways to tame a vibrant colour is by smoking it out with black. My favourite method of doing this is by lining my upper lashline with a black pencil and then smudging the colour and blending it into the bright colour on my lids.

For smoked out colour eyes, always keep the makeup to the eye-lid area to maintain that sober and classy look suitable for the office.

smoked out green eyes
smoked out purple eyes
Always remember that when rocking coloured eye makeup to the office, the rest of your face should be as nude as possible. 

Please share your tricks for rocking coloured eye makeup in the office.

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