1923 Photoshoot: Accessories Splash (BTS)

16 Jun 2012

I have been keeping this post under wraps because I wanted to show you all the pictures from the shoot but I have decided to put up the post even without the pictures.
It was a rainy day and I had to practically travel from my house to the photographer's studio. A bulky kit was not in the picture at all and so I had to find a way of compressing everything I wanted to carry.

I thus decided that instead of packing a lot of 'if' and 'maybe' products, I would carry 'most likely' products. I knew the model I was working with and this also helped to prune my skincare load. I knew the direction of the shoot and because of the rain i also knew there wouldn't be any time for experimentation with other situations.

Clockwise from top left pic - everything i packed for the shoot, the carryall I put them all in (you can spy my colour wheel in the bag. I take the wheel to every shoot because I am not very good with colours sometimes), all the eye and cheek colours I would be working with, my setup halfway through the shoot (not very impressive I must admit. The light went out halfway through the shoot) & the brushes (all carried in my Vortex brush belt), 
All washed and spread out to air dry.
We basically played around with loads of accessories for the first situation and some gorgeous MUFE pink lashes (everyone calls them butterfly lashes) for the second situation (the last collage of pictures).

Pictures from the one with the lashes have been uploaded to my FB fan page. Check them out here

Makeup: Barbara
Photography: Sarah
Model - Obehi
Styling: everyone, lol
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