1923 Face of the Day: Distracting Blue

14 Jun 2012

Ha, yes you all will see me looking a little bit less of myself. Actually with just foundation, powder and no smile. I actually had done all my contouring and highlighting in this picture though.

It was a saturday and I was a bit restless so I decided to do something i had never done before - play with makeup for no reason at all. Strange but I am constantly of the opinion that my face should breath every chance it gets especially due to the fact that my recent breakouts have not let up and so i can't go anywhere without makeup on *sigh*

So here is the look I played around with. I am not quite impressed with it. It goes to show that I am not yet able to successfully play with colour on myself especially when compared with the fact that I have no qualms about layering colour on others. 

I wanted to play around with some of the Zaron e/s that were a bit on the colourful side and which I would not be comfortable wearing to work (not that I can't though. Not just comfortable with).

I used Mary Kay 507 & 600 foundations, Sleek powders and the GW shimmer blush.

Zaron brow definer set
Zaron Summer Sunset duo set on my lid(i mixed both shades) and the Summer Fester trio (blue) under eye area.
Orekelewa twist-up pencil for my waterline and lashline
Zaron volumising mascara in black

Zaron Plum Rose l/g
me playing with the mirror
What do you all think? More work on my colour techniques right? I feel the same too

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