Product Review: Zaron

2 Apr 2012

I am yet to provide reviews of the Zaron products in my Christmas Haul (*sigh*, i really am sorry about that). I hope this review is very helpful.

with flash 
with natural light ( i am sorry it is a little blurred)
As can be seen from the swatches, this is a very pigmented e/s with a sheer, shiny finish. It is not overly shiny and blends out very well on the skin. I would say that is the perfect smokey eye palette - (based on the arrangement of swatches) 2nd colour from the left all over the lid, 3rd colour from left on the mobile lid and blended into the crease, darkest colour smoked out along the lashline or used to define the outer V (depending on the desired smokey eye effect) and 1st colour from the left used to highlight the browbone area.

eyebrow definer duo
this eye brow definer duo is a must have product for makeup artists and makeup lovers alike especially if you are one of those continually struggling with the creation of the perfect eyebrow shape. Contrary to what the picture might show and a first glance at the product, the darker shade is a brownish - greyish sort of colour which is perfect for dark skinned people. The miniature definer and spoolie brushes the product comes with can easily be discarded and professional brushes used but first know that they come in very handy and are very useful for their purposes too. 

hot pink lipgloss - this is a very pigmented l/d. Can be worn alone or layered on top of a l/l or l/s
sheer red lipgloss - this is the perfect companion to that red l/l you have been wanting to wear without layering a red l/s on it.  And for that sheer hint of red & luscious glossy lips combo, it is perfect.
without exaggeration, this is one of the best mascaras i have used in a long while. The product formulation is smooth and even during application it is felt on the lashes. The wand perfectly seperates each and every lash thereby enabling the product to coat each and every lash.
I must say that the volumising mascaras have not impressed me much. They are clumpy and do not go on smoothly onto the lashes. So after 2 tries i have kept them in my kit to be applied with a small fan brush on Clients.
My very first Kajal and I am very in love with it. It is perfect for use in place of a kohl pencil and goes on smoothly (even in the waterline)
Have you used any of the products above and would like to share your opinions on them? 
Please go right ahead.

*Products were provided. All opinions expressed are mine and I have not been paid to write this review.


  1. i have never heard about aaron, but from the review, it sounds like a product worth trying, especially the mascara.

    1. @femmelounge it definitely is a product worth trying out. Please do and id love to hear your thoughts on them.


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