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4 Apr 2012

When i became more frequent on social media platforms last year, i met a lot of people especially makeup artists, makeup brands owners, hair stylists and other double-edged members of the International beauty industry. One of them is the owner of Fusion Of Colour - A natural mineral makeup brand that prides itself on using only FDA approved ingredients for its products. Be sure to check out their website.

Kathy Hess Duncan is the owner of Fusion of Colour and she sent me some samples of her products last year which i have really enjoyed using.

Below is an interview i did of her and believe me when i say she is a lovely person.

she looks lovely
1923 Blog: Please tell us a little bit about who Kathy Hess Duncan is.

hmmmm who is she??? I think I am just a person who tries to treat others with respect and the way I would like to be treated, I think I a fair person, I try not to judge people. I try hard to keep my word and be helpful. if I say I am going to do something I do it. I like staying home and puttering around the house, creating colors for the makeup, experimenting with new facial items and such, shopping and my most favorite thing is eating hahaaaa. Guess just a normal girl. Of course love my dog Rosie, I am a dog lover and most animals too

her social media(s) profile picture
1923 Blog: Why mineral makeup and not something else beauty related?

Well when I started out Mineral Make up was just getting known from Bare Escentuals, at the time it was the hot make up to use. I was going to sell this at the shop, so I didn't want a lot of makeup sitting around and having to buy mine through private label, so I thought this would be good, I could make what I wanted and have colours that others didn't sell and the makeup would be fresh.

1923 Blog: What is the mystery behind the name - Fusion of Colour? How did it come about?

Well I wanted something to represent the colors we make and Well my favourite show on AMC their cosmetic line was Fusion but didn't realize that until I came up wit the name. The meaning of Fusion is "the act of melting or blending two or more separate things into one." and that is about what we do - we mix, blending different micas and oxides with other ingredients to get a product

1923 Blog:You are over 60 now (wow! im sure that after seeing her pictures above you are also saying wow) how does it feel and how do you maintain your skin now? is it more hectic than when you were much younger or has it become easier?

For me it is easy, I started in my 20's if I remember correctly. I always took care of my skin. I look for products now that firm and keep the wrinkles at bay. I do go for facials and do facials at home and make sure I take off my make up at night, I try products all the time but go back to my tried and true ones that work. On being 61 I never thought I would be this old LOL!!! I sometimes don't realize it until I pass a mirror or stand by someone young and go 'OY, do I look that old!' I do find that there are more people younger than me now. I look at women and go "hmmmm do I look that old?" and I never thought I would be at the age where I say well I don't look bad for my age.  
i don't think you do either Kathy

1923 Blog: What is your opinion of the Nigerian makeup industry (from the little you have learnt)?

I see you are eager to learn and want good make up products to use in your craft. From the few I have seen their work it is very well done and I think there is a big market for make up companies, skin care and the beauty industry there.

1923 Blog: Why did you think i deserved to have some of your product samples to try out? Im sure you all remember my Fusion of Colour Haul post right?

Well #1 I like you *me blushing a bright red (which is a colour we Africans carry on our cheeks very well)*, we have a nice rapport. I like to have a lot of different women try our our products. Everyone uses make up differently and has their own opinion and this way I see what works and how the products function. Since you were leary about minerals you need to try them out and ger a feel for them, this way it builds your knowledge and make up kit

1923 Blog: What is your favourite vintage era - from the 1923s to the 1980s; and who would you say is your personal favourite vintage style star?

30's 40' 50's hmmmm Marlyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Gloria Swanson the women of these eras were real stars! I know i said 'star' but you gotta give allowance for these vintage divas.


 Kathy is on Twitter and Facebook and will be only too happy to answer any questions on mineral makeup you have. She sent me samples of her products especially the foundations to see how well they work on African skin and I have just discovered that they have a cream product which can be used to turn your powder foundation into cream foundation for full coverage. 

What can I say? She has thought of everything. So be sure to go to the site and make a purchase. I would love to hear your opinions of the brand and i know Kathy would too. So be sure to leave us a comment under this post.

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