Product Review: Khuraira Face Primer

25 Apr 2012

I have been asked a lot of questions about my skin and my answer is always "that is how it is". For those of you who have never seen me in person, let me introduce to the part of my body that is always seen on social media - my face.

In my teenage years, i was plagued by pimples. The tiny, numerous ones that look like a rash and leave particular parts of your face dark. I had them on my forehead and cheeks. My hands couldn't stay away from them and so my face was filled with dark spots.

It wasn't until i went for Youth Service that i discovered a unique property my facial skin had and when i say unique, it is indeed. People are always surprised when they see it or I tell them. This property is:

I DON'T SWEAT. My facial skin does not immediately become moist and form sweat in hot or humid conditions as some others do. I only sweat in 'extreme' heat or after vigorous physical activity.
My skin however just develops a sheen which gives my face a glow. Sometimes i dab this with blotting paper and sometimes I don't.

Due to the nature of my skin, I can afford to do without a face primer or skin mattifiers and most times I do. I also try my possible best to use such products on people I know who have oily skin eg. my sister or Clients as I cannot successfully judge the effectiveness of such products using my skin.

This time around however, i decided to try my Khuraira skin products on myself and I must say that I was impressed and saw a difference in the texture of my skin for the period i used them.

The first Khuraira product was the Dermal Revitalising Age-Control Primer (which essentially is a face primer)

this is a water-based face primer
It is a silicone primer which is basic for most mattifiers. However, this primer does not instantly mattify the skin like the more popular Smashbox and Black Up primers. I absolutely love the fact that it is absorbed into my skin like a moisturiser (For the period of time I used this, i didn't use my regular MaryKay Velocity light-weight moisturiser).


- My skin felt fresh and soft
- My skin did not develop the sheen as often
(- I would have added the fact that my makeup stayed on for much longer but due to the peculiarities of my skin my makeup usually lasts long and I hardly ever feel the need to touch up)

I would definitely recommend this primer for both personal and professional use (I used this at the Wed Expo for Clients and models). I would however recommend a few minutes after application of this product for absorption into the skin and I look forward to using it on more of my personal makeup Clients and actually getting their opinions.

Have you used this primer before? What is your verdict?
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  1. Hi Barbara, the primer sounds great- based on your analysis, but I need to point out the it contains silicone (pls look this up). Infact any product with ingredients ending in 'cone' contains silicone. xx


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