Goldie's Star Struck Calendar

26 Apr 2012

I am not a fan of the Zodiac signs and I, as a rule, never ever use it for anything or make reference to it.

However I came across something interesting on Bellanaija yesterday.
In recent times, I have seen the celebrity scene in Nigeria especially among our divas a bit low on creativity. They bring out ad campaigns for themselves but these lack soul and are just the same as any other with the only difference being that they are of course different individuals. I came across a calendar campaign by Goldie and I must say that I am a little impressed.

Well Goldie has always been known for her standing out and being different right from her personal style to her videos and public appearances so i am not overly surprised she came up with something like this.

My favourite of all of them

As you probably can tell, I am a bit averse to some of the artistic interpretations but I must admit that it is a step away from the norm. 

You can check out the full post in Bellanaija. Some of the comments stated that she mis-interpreted the signs. In my opinion, Id say im impressed she was able to interpret any of them at all and in anyway, lol.

Its a right step in the right direction of creativity and I hope to see an improvement to this.

What do you all think of this calendar campaign?


  1. hi! you do a wonderful job wt ur posts.they're actually ur blog.juts started mine,and would love to feature you soon

    1. Hello Tipharah, thank you for visiting and congratulations on your blog too. I would love to feature. Just let me know when.

  2. hi,
    I love your blog
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