Product Review: Beauty Blenders

27 Feb 2012

I finally got my very own Beauty Blenders *dancing*. You cannot imagine how excited i was to receive them considering that i have known the brand for more than 2 years and have communicated back and forth with them on how i can get my very own Beauty Blenders.

I didn't get the BB cleanser because the person i got these from didn't have. She actually said that mild dishwashing liquid worked quite well for her but these are too precious to me and so i have purchased Johnson & Johnson Baby shampoo for my BBs (and my brushes now).

Points to note:
- When washed they swell to twice their original size but go back to normal size when they are thoroughly dry.
- They are also susceptible to getting stained so no hope for having that beautiful pink colour forever and ever.
- They can also be used wet (not dripping wet of course though) or dry.
- The pointed edge can also be used dry to apply powder to hard to reach areas on the face.

I have used it only once at a photoshoot and haven't gotten the hang of using them yet but i am not defeated and im looking forward to using them more often. They are definitely more economical than wedges and more hygienic too (in my opinion as you can wash them on set and still use them damp after squeezing well).

Please share your Beauty Blenders with me - pictures, comments, posts, looks etc. I would love to see them.

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  1. Great information on this site thanks for sharing!
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    1. You are very welcome @Jevon, I hope you will visit my site again soon.

  2. This thing is flippin' amazing!!! i succombed and bought them and honestly, I love it!! It makes foundation flawless. I stat with a stippling motion and then a slight stipple-and-roll motion to blend out. works really well with concealer. I use it damp. Cant get enough :D


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