Brush Review: Sigma P80 brush

27 Feb 2012

I recently purchased my very first Sigma brush (yippee! and im more subdued now when i realise that as an affiliate i should have more. Thank God for international shipping and i can actually make that come to pass). I actually had this purchased for me via a friend who lives in the UK.

So i got the P80 precision brush which is a small duo fibre brush, perfect for use in small areas at a time. I must say that from the handle of the brush to the thickness of the bristles to the engraved brand and brush name on the sides, it was love at first sight and now i am addicted to Sigma.

Here are pictures of the brush:
As received, with the nylon cover.
the shiny and durable handle
full length
close-up of the brush
As you all know, i always apply either a concealer or foundation in my under-eye area to hide the intense dark circles i have. A gentle swipe of the product using this brush totally covered my under-eye area with no streaks or uneven blending. I also used it for a makeover and the result was the same.

Not only can you be assured of quality when you purchase this brush, you can also be assured of effectiveness as it delivers. I would definitely recommend this product.

*This product was purchased by me. Regardless of the fact that I am a registered Sigma Affiliate, all opinions in this post are my true opinions and i have not been paid to write this post.

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