Zaron Makeup & Hair market storm

9 Dec 2011

All my twitter followers know that after my visit to Blush on saturday i was headed for an interview with Oke Maduewesi (remember her? owner of Zaron Makeup & Hair). Well, it seems that the interview was not to hold as a market storm had already been pre-arranged. Trust me, i got to Lagos Island where they were and literally jumped into the fray along with them.

Here are pics
The Zaron crew
Me posing in the market with my undersized tee (i had to squeeze into it.) New year resolution 1 - lose weight.
A song and a dance in Flora Truworths. They looked at us strange.

Kelechi 'Bedazzled' Igbojekwe and I. She is a member of Nigerian MUAs, yippee!
Ok, i just had to add this picture. Of course you know i couldnt have left without a couple of them pretty clear makeup bags. i bought two of them along with a cute little tweezer to supplement the lovely Lola maja ones i have and they are now resting in my makeup bag (yes, bag) until i have work for them to do.
A big Zaron distributor who insisted we give her samples (they filled a dish she brought out, lol). Henceforth, every person in the market requested for a sample too. Miracle that we werent beaten up and the samples all collected.
standing in the sun (ain't funny my dears. of that i can assure you)
In the mix
Posing in the sun
a happy sale and one sample given out.
and another sample
and another sample
and yet another sample
the crew and the bought over customer
"Abeg leave me alone joo. Who told you im interested in what you are selling"
No one can accuse us of not trying can they? we didnt discriminate at all.

She had to scrutinise the flyer. Wonder if she could really see through the sun  glasses.
And another sample parted with.
"You want to take a picture of me"
"I already have", I replied
They look alike dont they? No, they arent sisters, just another sample parted with and a bought  over customer
last stop before the home run.
So, amongst the heap of things i learnt was that the market women who sell the beauty products and who paste their face with different colours are actually the biggest customers. They know which product is good and which isnt and they know how to market on the grassroot level.

Im sure you all remember the post on the launch of Zaron in september? Well, im happy to say that Zaron now sells like wildfire. Im getting some more Zaron products before they run out of stock cos right before my eyes the stock was running out fast.

Have you bought your own Zaron product? What is your opinion of it?

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  1. Ah, Barbara, you may not understand this yet, but you are setting the pace for others. By others I mean other MUAs, bloggers, the whole crew. These pictures tell a story that words would not have been sufficient to describe. You see when you talked about a market storm, I had no clue what you were referring to, but the pictures answered all my questions. And your comments on the pictures? On point! I got to see the faces of the market women who like you rightly mentioned are key in the marketing and distribution process for makeup and cosmetic products. I mean, what's the point of having a fabulous product, launching it and then no one buys it or not enough people buy it? I really appreciate your taking the time to show a different side to MUAs, not just their finished work on people's faces.

    Cheers to a trailblazer! *glasses clinking*

  2. I agree with you as being a Trail blazer, more Power to your elbows. I was actually in the market that day and saw one of the ladies who tried to introduce Zaron to me.if i knew there were samples being shared, would have collected mine,lol. I got me a few of those plastic bags too ;)

    The sun wasnt smiling that day, so i had to run out of the market. You guys im sure must have left an impression esp on 'Nikky Top', that mama that asked for loads of samples. She's a good customer of mine & wears the brightest blush and eye shadow colors ever possible & has refused to take to correction,lol. Cheers & nice work once again!

  3. @Relentless Builder, you are a loyal FF of my blog and so iv no comments but I will say you are biased, lol. Thank you so much for all your support & for visiting everyday *wink*
    @Pretty K, a comment from you and one like this is high praise indeed. Thank you very much.
    May God grant me the strength to continue to blaze the trail.

  4. Looks like so much fun x

  5. Hi Lolita, yes it was. i was very happy with myself at the end of that day.

  6. I like the comment by Relentless builder. SO I guess all we are saying Barbara is keep it up. You are doing something kool. Nice 1 dear


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