Blush Haul

7 Dec 2011

You bet that after the interview at Blush i had to get me some Blush goodies. Here they are

Blush e/s in shock

Blush blush (lol, sounds very pun-like right?) in Tropicana

My Bomb cosmetics Purple Hills soap. It is a mix of Patchouli and Lavender essential oils.

I got a freebie from Bola and it is this gorgeous shimmering emerald green loose e/s from Naked Cosmetics called Shock Effect.

Face of the Day with these lovely products and product review coming up. Unfortunately you will have to experience the lovely soothing effect of the Bomb cosmetics soap all by yourself as you cannot have a bath with me, lol.

What are your fav Blush products? If you havent used any, which of their products would you like to use? You never know, Blush might just make your dream come true.



  1. Patchouli and Lavender oils? Wouldn't I want to know what that smells like! LOL! Yay for freebies!

  2. Indeed 'yay for freebies'. Blush will be hosting makeup artists next year, there is sure to be freebies there.


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