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1 Nov 2011

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for still checking up on me even though iv been MIA for so long. Iv been and still am battling with internet connection and thats why iv not been able to update the blog.

Well, regardless of this, id like you to know what posts are still in the cooler and also the post which will have alongside it my very first giveaway (yippee!) which im so excited about. Unfortunately, it will be for only residents of Lagos state Nigeria.

The posts are:
- Beauty and the Feast Event & Haul
- Review of Lise eyeshadow
- Review of Khuraira Cosmetics & giveaway
- 1923 Election Holiday makeover: Stella
- Interview with Oke Maduewesi (this is long over due): owner of Zaron Makeup and Hair
-  Liebster Blog Award (which i received from one of my followers (Gnoma from Italy)

Also, i have a portfolio shoot soming up im very excited about and a wedding next week Friday (they are quite hung up on the 11:11:11 date). Besides a Christmas shoot i have to start planning very soon (I mean now), Kemi Kings makeup workshop in December, visit to Blush (Salon and makeup studio). Omigosh, just realised that there is so much to be done before the end of this year also counting FOTDs.

Lash On/Lise one day eyebrow threading seminar *scratching head in indecision*

Barbara, get on it immediately....


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