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4 Nov 2011

Yes, i have been in a land far, far away and i cant do a proper post. I assure you i am really working towards rectifying this.

I however decided that i was going to hack into someone's system this friday evening and post up some pics of what i have recently been up to. It is just a fraction of what iv been up to but itr will have to do for You (my followers and visitors to my blog) and I (who would dearly love to put up all my posts, reviews, hauls and makeovers. Did i mention that i am attending the Lise and Lash-On workshop tomorrow? Well I am. and you can be sure that i will have pictures to show for it.

Here is the sneak peek

Doesnt she just love posing. I used Khuraira products for this look.

See what happens when you use eyebrow powder on already full brows. Not too bad though.

i Absolutely loved the pop of green.

Me doing the vintage.

I love this look. Very bright and exactlty suits her personality.
Did you enjoy the sneak peek? Do let me know, id love to hear from you.


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  1. Is that your sister posing? She looks good (and so do you) I like the products you used on her (and the vintage look too). Of course I liked the sneak peak and I can't wait to see more pictures!


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