Product Review: LISE eyeshadow

18 Nov 2011

At Beauty and the Feast, I purchased one LISE e/s. I am yet to post a review of the product and a FOTD Don't tell anyone smile with the product but im rectifying that now, lol. Thank you for understanding.

The e/s is a matte red colour with reflects in it which makes it pretty to look at.

See how pretty it looks?

with flash.

It sold for N1,800 at the event but can be purchased anytime at the LISE shop which is at 52, Awolowo road, Ikoyi, Lagos State.

- It is very hard to load onto a brush. I usually use a tweezer or palette knife to scrape it to powder and then load it onto a flat e/s brush Laughing out loud
- A good cream base is needed for the actual shade of the colour to show.
- It comes out as a deep, dark red. It is not exceedingly bright (I like this about this e/s. when applied on the lid only, it is almost invisible and then when you blink or look down there is a beautiful pop of colour)
Would I recommend to non-makeup artists? Yes and No. Yes, because it is a very fun colour of e/s (yes, just that and id have to sell it to you along with a cream base). No, because skill is required to reveal the true uniqueness of the colour)

FOTD with this e/s coming soon.

P.S. LISE will be having a free makeup workshop and review party on the 19th of November. Send a mail to with your name and phone number and a confirmation mail will be sent back to you.

*Product was purchased by me and all opinions are my personal opinion. I have not been sponsored to write this review.

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