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18 Nov 2011

If you know me then you know that as regards me and makeup im basically self trained courtesy of Youtube videos and Blogs.

Hence, I usually advise others who are interested in makeup to also invest their time in watching and reading viral content which helps in the development of the much needed finishing touches which every makeup artist needs.

Nigerian makeup artists have learned from these and have also gone ahead to build these type of platforms for others to visit. Some of them are based out of Nigeria and some are based within the country. Some spice up their content with posts on fashion, nails and even poetry while some are core makeup blogs.
Here are a few of them

Bellezza Faces - – The editor of this blog is Dolapo Lucas Odujole who is an Abuja based makeup artist. Hers is a core makeup blog. Her style is yet to shine through but we believe that this will be taken care of via future posts.

World of Makeup, Beauty and Fashion - – The editor of this blog is Maureen Hope who is an Ireland based Nigerian makeup artist. This blog is about makeup and a little bit of fashion thrown in (besides, I loved the Kerry Washington Emmy award look. Its one of my fav looks to do, pity I aint dark). She also does youtube videos which are also linked to her blog.

Yazi’s Place - – The editor of this blog is Omegie Etamesor who is also an Abuja based makeup artist. This is a mainly makeup blog. This blog is all about makeup products which can be found in Abuja, everyday makeup looks and a lot of hauls. I usually visit her blog to find out what I can and cannot get in Nigeria and it has proven very useful (I still havent gone to get the methylated spirit. I just tell myself that afterall is it not just in any nearby pharmacy *hides head in shame*)

Stella’s Addiction - – If you don’t know Stella Maris, then you aint someone to step with cos that means you aint in the groove Punk (did I just say all that?) She is our very own Paris based Nigerian makeup artist. For news on the latest makeup shows, whats in in the makeup world in Europe and America, she is our go-to person. Her blog is about makeup, fashion (mainly celeb fashion though), nails, hauls and reviews. She is our number 1, Nigerian makeup blogger in diaspora (I loved the post on the makeup show and your haul. Im currently coveting your Glamcor light girl),
Stella has just moved back to Nigeria and opened up her own makeup studio *yaaay!* so be sure to check out her blog for more home based info.

Pretty World - – The editor of this blog is Adekunbi Omololu Fashakin aka. Sitpretty who is a Lagos based Nigerian makeup artist. One time winner of ELOY (Exquisite Lady of the Year Award) and a makeup artist with a style of her own. her blog is versatile. It features posts on celebrity makeovers, looks, hauls and best of all product reviews. I love her makeup educational posts.

My Makeup and Beauty Tour - – The editor of this blog is Yemisi Dada aka. N’sure a Lagos based makeup artist and all I have to say to you is “You better start updating that blog or I will bite you!!!” 
P.S. Yemisi has repented so you really shoulc check out her blog for makeup and makeover posts

Pwetty Bambi - editor of this blog is Halima Bepo she is a …… Nigerian makeup artist (I never know where she is at any given point in time lol). Her blog is mainly about makeup and beauty and I love watching her video tutorials too (Im still trying out one of your scarf tying tricks, when I get it I will move on to the other)

Sacred Artistry - - The EIC of this blog is Lola Maja Okojevoh, one of Nigeria's foremost editorial, film and beauty makeup artists and also a beauty therapist with over 17 years in the makeup/beauty industry. This blog is all about makeup in its entirety, with How To posts, videos, beauty, hair, skin care and even health. Best of all it is the only Nigerian makeup blog that supports and encourages upcoming makeup artists via monthly themed competitions. Did i mention that Lola is the owner of Sacred lashes? a very premium brand of false lashes and also an amazing line of tweezers (which is reviewed in an upcoming post)
Sacred Beauty has launched with their own makeup products & tools and I will be featuring her awesome products very soon.

Banke Meshida Lawal - Banke Meshida Lawal is the editor of this blog which features event and wedding looks from one of Nigeria's most celebrated makeup artists. Her clients are the cream of the society and I drool every time i visit her blog. So be sure to visit her blog and check out her regular feature Smile of the Day

Beautycook Studio - This is a very new blog featuring an established and very knowledgeable Nigerian makeup artist - Omontese Akhetuamen. Please check out her blog, encourage her and be sure to check out her posts because I am sure to see a lot of her beautiful clients on it.

Beauty In Lagos - - there I was surfing the internet and I stumbled across this blog. Started this year by an obviously avid beauty lover, I will be following this blog and looking out for more of what is on offer.

Lights Camera and Cheeks! - - this is not a not so new blog but dear Chika does not update it regularly leaving us mere mortals trailing after her in search of new posts, lol. This blog features loads of befores & afters and loads of makeovers she has done on some of our Nollywood's finest.

Damsel Makeovers - - Owned by Bukola Oyelahan, a Nigerian makeup artist based in Bonny. This site features tips, product reviews, tours and interviews. I am still waiting for more personal makeup posts from her though as I usually don't feel her personality in her posts.

Bellissimo Makeovers - - Ok, i just stumbled on this blog today too. Started in 2009 by a Nigerian makeup artist. It is irregularly updated and so we will just have to wait and see.

Life As A Makeup Artist in Nigeria - - owned by the lovely Nike of Ewar makeovers, this blog features Nike's work as a makeup artist. She shares her stories with us and makeup tips too. I feel like I can see Nike typing the post whenever i read them (who feels that way too?). Be sure to check it out (may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace)

Ewabela - - believe it or not, this blog has existed way before I even knew what the concept of blogging was all about. I love this blog because she does a lot of product reviews and how-to-use posts for certain products. She recently gave birth to a pair of bouncing baby boys (isn't that awesome?) and so has not had a lot of time to update the blog. But do be sure to stop by and say hi to her making sure to congratulate her on the birth of her handsome sons.

To all makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts, I say check them all out. the knowledge is invaluable and to think you are getting it for free you better not waste it.

As an aside, im also hoping this post makes them update their blogs more often and thus provide us with more information and for those who dont need my prodding, please continue offering us those juicy makeup titbits we love so much.

If you have a makeup blog too please post your link in the comments section and I will surprise you with a visit one of these days and leave you a comment to say I was there.


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