Product Review & Giveaway: Khuraira Cosmetics

10 Nov 2011

Need I say I am so happy to finally write this post. It has been so long coming and iv been so eager to get it going.

So, a couple of weeks ago I received a package from Mrs. Khuraira Musa, founder of Khuraira Cosmetics. Check out the face book page here

Here is a picture of my package

Concelers, finishing powder, Age-Control dark circle primer, lipsticks and mascara
I took pictures of the individual items on a day when the light was very poor. Please forgive the quality of the picturesEmbarrassed smile


The Age-control dark circle primer. This has a reddish colour to it looks strange but is meant to be used under a concealer. it reminds of the MUD deep brown corrector that is either mixed with foundation or applied to dark patches on the face before foundation is applied.

Camouflage concealer 3

Dark age-control concealer

Lady Obama & Contagious lippies (these are lovely and creamy. I used Contagious in a 1923 makeover which will be in a subsequent post)

Lip glosses

Invisible Finishing powder

I must first say that no-one is willing to wean me off my love for red and black as I have been receiving products in black and red packaging Nyah-Nyah I love them all.

- Packaging is a huge plus for Khuraira.
- Innovation. I absolutely love the idea of the dark circle primer (and it works as you will see in the 1923 makeover where Khuraira products were used)
- The consistency of the concealers is creamy. This means that a little goes a long way and thus there is no need to use a lot of the product.

- The product labels were poorly done e.g. a closer look at the l/s labels will tell you that not only are they different (consistency is key), they are also poorly done. The same goes for the l/g labels too.
- The Invisible powder has a chalky feel after use. Careful control is needed in order not to waste this product during use.

Overall, my favourite products are the concealers/primer, lip sticks and the mascara (it has a very small wand which is good for separating the lashes and evenly spreading the product. I absolutely love it).  I would recommend these products for professional use definitely and of course the l/s, l/g and mascara can be used by anybody who loves makeup.

Now for the part we have all been waiting for…… the giveaway. There are 3 items for makeup artists and 3 items for a non-makeup artist. Here are pictures of the giveaway items


For makeup artists: The 2 Khuraira concealers and dark circle primer
For non-makeup artists: The 2 Khuraira lipsticks and mascara

How to enter:
1. Follow my blog and like my facebook page. Link to facebook page here
2. Write what you would like to see on this blog (keeping in mind that it is a strictly makeup and beauty blog. Aside from my infrequent ramblings about work)
3. Along with your comment on this post, please indicate which giveaway set you would like to win.

**This giveaway is open to only residents of Lagos, Nigeria.
2 winners will be randomly chosen by me next week Wednesday. All the best guys.

*Products were provided for review
*All opinions in this post are solely my personal opinion.



  1. hey @barbs would definately love to see more reviews of makeup brands already in Nigeria say MUD, sleek, flori roberts, Lise, BMpro, revlon, nouba, and a whole lot of others so we know if its worth splurging on or just walk on by.
    i think il give the concealers and primer a shot. Ciao.

  2. i like the site but how do i like it

  3. Hey, I would love to see makeup reviews by our own Nigerian makeup gurus like BMPro, Lise, Tara, Sleek and lots more. The concealer and the dark circle primer will be good. Love u......

  4. Hello Princess Kesat, thank you for your comment. Remember you have to become a follower of my blog and like my facebook fan page to qualify for the giveaway.

  5. princess Kesat copied my comment! ah ahh!!! Na wa oh

  6. id like to see more information about nigeria and its love of make up

  7. @mreliyas, you have to be a follower of my blog wither via bloglovin, networked blogs or Google connect and like my facebook page to particpate.

    it seems like everyone wants to see the same thing on the blog. am i right?


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