Makeover 1923 (with Khuraira): Stella

11 Nov 2011

You know me, I just had to use the new Khuraira products I got for a makeover and I had my ever willing darling sis nearby to try them on. The concealers were not her shade so I used Black Opal Total coverage concealing foundation in Truly Topaz on her.

One side of her face with the Khuraira Dark circle primer, Black Opal foundation and Khuraira finishing powder. See the difference? {there is a smattering of the dark circle primer on her right hand side cos i forgot to take the pic early, lol}

For her eyes, I used the following
- Bobbi Brown matte camel shade e/s as highlight colour
- A MAC yellow e/s (I will fill in the name as soon as I remember)
- Brown from Ovialeke trio
- Orekelewa black liquid liner
- A chinese brand of falsies
- Jordana Blue Devine twist up pencil liner
- Orekelewa Iriawo blush
- Black Radiance mosaic bronzer to highlight her nose under-eye area and forehead

In the first set of pictures I used the Tara l/s in Funke and a Milani red l/s over it. In the second set, I used the Khuraira l/s in Contagious.

Let me know what you guys think of this makeover. Did I do a good job?

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