JBL S/S 2012 Collection - Vintage Love

26 Nov 2011

Now after my Why 1923? post, you dont need to ask why im absolutely in love with not just the name of this collection but also the designer and all her collections. She is one of only 3 designers in Nigeria i am absolutely in love with. yes, you guessed, they exude the classic cut and style i love so much from the vintage era.

So this is JBL's (in case you dont know Jewel By Lisa) latest collection and i love it. From the title of this post you already know its called Vintage Love right?

Here are pictures from the collection which was shown at the NY fashion Week and also a behind the scenes video i stole from youtube *wink*. Look and eat your heart out cos im eating mine every time i look at the collection, lol.

And the video

I refused to make comments on the individual pictures cos il go on and on about how gorgeous they are.
And the Jewel By Lisa Global Diary is an exotic idea, *ducks head* which i will copy when my brand becomes as big as JBL.

Big Ups to Lisa Folawiyo.



  1. thanks Fifi. I actually think i love the post more than u do, lol.
    Big ups to our dear Lisa Folawiyo

  2. Just when I had 2nd thots about getting my fashion degree, you had to put this in my face! *literally drooling with tears streaming down my face*

  3. Lol @Nkechi, i am eating my heart out and drooling as much as you are.
    Go get that degree so i can feature on my blog and others get to eat their heart out over your designs too.


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