Why 1923?

25 Nov 2011

A couple of people ask me why my brand name is Barbara & 1923. Why 1923? they always ask.

Well, I love vintage and what better decade to pick a year from than the Roaring twenties?
From the prosperity of the decade to the rise of Jazz, the other strange trends lol e.g. marathon, mahjong (I'm still learning how to play the games), dancing, the bob haircut and ..... the rise of the Flapper movement which in my opinion is one of the most influential movements in fashion. It was an era of breaking traditions, it was a happy era.

Some people have also asked me who the flappers were, well, here goes - they were a new type of woman. breed if you want. They wore shorts skirts, exposed their arms and legs, bobbed their hair and wore lots of makeup. In fact, countered all previous forms of socially acceptable female behaviour and were generally seen as brash.
Oops, before I forget, they were called flappers cos they were seen to behave like small birds who while learning how to fly flap their wings around a lot. Can you imagine that?

1923 is just a random year in the decade that I chose to be my own little spot in history which I can redefine to my taste and desire. I don't think it has to have a significant meaning though for me it does but I'm not saying. Even better, it was the year Time Magazine began too...coincidentally.

Also, strictly coincidence though, for all of you who have looked for me via google and typed in Barbara & 1923 I'm as shocked as I'm sure you were to see so many Barbara(s) and 1923 in the same articles, lol.

So next time you see Barbara & 1923 just know I'm the one trying to bring some classic makeup, information on the Nigerian makeup/beauty industry and some vintage tips, looks and divas your way.

Thank you so much xxxxxx

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