JBL S/S 2012 Collection - Vintage Love

Now after my Why 1923? post, you dont need to ask why im absolutely in love with not just the name of this collection but also the designer and all her collections. She is one of only 3 designers in Nigeria i am absolutely in love with. yes, you guessed, they exude the classic cut and style i love so much from the vintage era.

So this is JBL's (in case you dont know Jewel By Lisa) latest collection and i love it. From the title of this post you already know its called Vintage Love right?

Here are pictures from the collection which was shown at the NY fashion Week and also a behind the scenes video i stole from youtube *wink*. Look and eat your heart out cos im eating mine every time i look at the collection, lol.

And the video

I refused to make comments on the individual pictures cos il go on and on about how gorgeous they are.
And the Jewel By Lisa Global Diary is an exotic idea, *ducks head* which i will copy when my brand becomes as big as JBL.

Big Ups to Lisa Folawiyo.


Why 1923?

A couple of people ask me why my brand name is Barbara & 1923. Why 1923? they always ask.

Well, I love vintage and what better decade to pick a year from than the Roaring twenties?
From the prosperity of the decade to the rise of Jazz, the other strange trends lol e.g. marathon, mahjong (I'm still learning how to play the games), dancing, the bob haircut and ..... the rise of the Flapper movement which in my opinion is one of the most influential movements in fashion. It was an era of breaking traditions, it was a happy era.

Some people have also asked me who the flappers were, well, here goes - they were a new type of woman. breed if you want. They wore shorts skirts, exposed their arms and legs, bobbed their hair and wore lots of makeup. In fact, countered all previous forms of socially acceptable female behaviour and were generally seen as brash.
Oops, before I forget, they were called flappers cos they were seen to behave like small birds who while learning how to fly flap their wings around a lot. Can you imagine that?

1923 is just a random year in the decade that I chose to be my own little spot in history which I can redefine to my taste and desire. I don't think it has to have a significant meaning though for me it does but I'm not saying. Even better, it was the year Time Magazine began too...coincidentally.

Also, strictly coincidence though, for all of you who have looked for me via google and typed in Barbara & 1923 I'm as shocked as I'm sure you were to see so many Barbara(s) and 1923 in the same articles, lol.

So next time you see Barbara & 1923 just know I'm the one trying to bring some classic makeup, information on the Nigerian makeup/beauty industry and some vintage tips, looks and divas your way.

Thank you so much xxxxxx

LISE Workshop Haul

Im sure you have checked out my LISE Workshop post, if not click here.

This is my haul from the workshop. I got the Cucumber stress gel and the eyelash primer from Eni Lise and purchased the rest myself.

The package

From left – HD l/g in Melon, Cream liner in Peacock, Glitz, Cucumber stress gel and Lash primer.
And don’t forget that all these are LISE products. Boy was I surprised that all these products were available (no, im not ashamed to say it. Im sure that on my makeup studio rounds im going to receive more than a few surprises too.)

LISE lash primer.

Puttin’ on the Glitz


Swatches of both. see how the light catches the glitz.

LISE cream liner.

LISE cucumber stress gel
I have already used all these products for a very simple, classic look which I took to church on sunday and I must say that I was very impressed with all of them. watch out for the product reviews of each of these LISE products and after that be sure to purchase them.


*I am somewhat affiliated to the company but aside from those stated, all products were purchased by me and all opinions stated are my genuine opinions.

LISE Free Makeup Workshop and Review Party

If you werent at LISE Beauty Range Makeup Studio last saturday you missed but at least you have me to share all the tips that we got from Eni Balogun with you.

This workshop was very educational and especially good for upcoming makeup artists and your regular makeup wearing public. I came away with something at the end of the day too. I aint telling though *asko*

Here are some of the pictures I took at the event, in between are some of the tips and advise that were passed on to us at the workshop:

The LISE studio arranged for the workshop.

The product display

It so happened that the winner of the Sacred Artistry red Carpet competition check out the post here collected her prizes on the same day.

Prepping the face

- Be sure to sanitise hands before beginning the makeup application process.
- Start with cleaning the skin.
- Never use wipes alone as they leave a residue of oil on the skin after use.
- Always use astringent to clean skin (preferably alcohol free as it is suitable for all skin types)
- Remember the following
Silicone based face primer + airbrush foundation = failed foundation application
Silicone based face pimer + crème foundation = success
- Apply eye lash primer and lip moisturiser to the lips at this stage of the makeup application process. Tip: Apply lip balm/moisturiser to only the centre of the lips. This is to allow the lip liner glide along the edges of the lips without slipping or sliding, lol.
- During skin prep, toughing the face is allowed until after foundation application is done.
- Use an alcohol strip after shaving brows. An alternative is methylated spirit. Makeup artists are doctors as well as artists, always remember that.

Foundation application
- Foundation always oxidizes i.e. gets darker, so stick to a shade lighter than the natural skin colour.
- Use remainder of foundation on brush to blend out edges e.g. hairline, jaw and also to buff foundation into skin.
- Remember the following
Liquid foundation = medium to light coverage
Cream foundation = medium to full coverage
- Circular powder brush motions are the preferred method of powder application.
- Use a clean foundation brush to apply powder to hard to reach areas e.g. under the eyes, around the nose.

The brows
- A long brow tail makes the face look sad
- You can decide to be an artist by drawing on the brows with feathered strokes of a brow pencil or you can decide to cheat by using a stencil and brow powder.

The concealer trick
- Trace concealer one shade lighter along the top and bottom of the brows to enhance the shape and make them stand out.

One of the participants defining the second brow.

The rapt audience

Eyeshadow application
- Apply a light amount of translucent powder underneath the eyes to catch falling eyeshadow.
Custom make your own translucent powder by mixing some white and loose brown powder.
- To make eyeshadows pop, use a sealant.
- When creating an artificial crease, use the fluffy edge of a shader brush to create a half moon shaped contour from the outer edge of the eye.

When focusing on the lower lid or waterline always look up as it helps to prevent blinking and thus a smear. The element of surprise is achieved and the aim is reached.

The same technique for lower lid/waterline application should be used for this. However, mascara should be applied from behind the Client and not from the front. This is less intrusive and the Client will blink less.

Participants trying out the eyeshadow, liner and mascara application techniques.

Under eye concealer application for highlighting the upper cheekbones. The bridge of the nose is also highlighted with concealer.
- Set foundation with powder before applying concealer
Oil + Oil (Foundation + concealer) = a mixture of both.
Lip application

- Remember to apply the liner within the edges of the lips for fuller lips and outside the edges for thinner lips. All to create an illusion.

Blush should be blended more towards the sides of the face and not concentrated directly on the apples of the cheeks

Isnt she lovely?

Question and Answer time with Eni Lise Balogun

The makeup artist and her gorgeous model – Erezi Adabamu

The purchasing begins

Kemi Daramola and Ewaoju makeovers.

Say cheers everyone ….. *snap*

Eni and Ewaoju

makeup artist and makeup blogger
Eni Lise Balogun and I.

I must say that I learnt a whole lot and I was so glad I was there. I really will recommend a LISE training or workshop to upcoming makeup artists as it was very educational and easy to understand. I also loved the ease with which the look was achieved.

Thank you for inviting me Eni, I had fun and I am sure looking forward to the giveaway.

Haul and product review in upcoming post. Interview with Eni Lise Balogun coming up next year. Stay tuned to this page for more info.