14 Oct 2011


Now I know some of you havent heard of T.A.R.F.E before but …. now you have, lol.

Ok, seriously. This event is brought to you by BLISS creatives

Who is Bliss Creatives? = BLISS Creatives is a full-service premier consulting boutique with a focus on strategic communication/networking, creative direction and fashion styling/fashion events.BLISScreatives is an innovative representation agency/organization that houses some of Africa's finest in the fields of public representation, image consulting, fashion marketing, media, fashion design consultation and fashion photography. Long story, it is a PR firm.

TARFE is in honour of Ghanian fashion and is supported by the Ghanian Ministry of Trade and Industry. The event is to be a High fashion runway showcase, trunk show exhibit, a shopping and a networking event; scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 15th, 2011 at the plush Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra. It will showcase Ghanian fashion at its best with crème de la crème and high rollers in the fashion and style industry in attendance.

Ok, all that being said, I am delighted to tell you that our very own Zaron is one of the sponsors of the event. So if you go to the Zaron shop and find no-one there, just know that this is where they are.


I am super excited  and cant wait to bring you all the info from their experience at the event. A big Thumbs up to Zaron.

So stay tuned to this page for more info on Zaron’s appearance at T.A.R.F.E in Ghana.


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