Stephanie Okereke is Kanekalon Hair Brand Ambassador

10 Sept 2011

I remember watching a programme some years back (i think it was one of the numerous beauty pageants and it was sponsored by Amigos) and one of the questions asked was "what is Amigos made of?". I cant exactly remember if the girl got the question right or not but the answer is Kanekalon.

A lot of the existing hair extensions in the market now are actually made form Kanekalon and this is usually stated on the packs. Now, why is Kanekalon superior? Iv no idea (lol)

Nwayz, this post isnt about Kanekalon but about the new Brand ambassador for Kanekalon - Nollywood's very own Stephanie Okereke. I checked out some pictures from the new ads and they are pretty cool. Here they are

she looks like they put a pin to her back and said 'smile' in this picture.

*culled from Bellanaija
The makeup is really lovely so yes i dont have anything to say about it.

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