Makeover 1923: Stella (Again)

10 Sept 2011


Its a public holiday (boy do we adore them here in Naija) and my sis has scheduled a photoshoot for herself. Guess who was the makeup artist for the shoot - yours truly.

We had little time for makeup changes and she was already a bit warm by the time we got there so i decided to start with a natural look and build it up gradually from there. So these are pictures of the different looks (I missed one of the looks though. It was the second look and i just changed the nude lip to a pink one to go with the beach kind of outfit she had on).

the first look - natural. The shadows were graduation of browns and a thin eye liner 

i had a better time with the false lashes this time around. Its true what they say "practise makes perfect"

the third look - a reddish bronze on the eyes and a darker contour to the  eye still using brown. i changed the lip to a pinkish nude and added more blush  and highlighter. I also thickened the liner.

she insisted on this picture. U all know by now that im not a picture freak

with the fascinator

the third and final look - intense smokey eyes which i did by adding black e/s to her crease and black pencil e/l to her waterline

with her hair down
i wasnt given prior notice about the shoot and so i had to improvise with what i had which was my MUD foundation palette, Sleek i-Divine original palette, MaryKay eye liner, Jordana eye pencil in black, MUD Rose clay lipstick and Revlon gloss and Orekelewa blush in 25.

I didnt do too badly now did I? I think i did. What do you all say though?

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