Mercy Johnson becomes a Princess

1 Sept 2011

Im sure you all have heard about the Nollywood controversial wedding of our diva Mercy Johnson. Im sure you all are also tired of hearing about it, well, so am I. So im not writing this post to comment further on that score but to give my opinion about her make-up (are u surprised?)

I culled this pic from Bellanaija on one of my random scurryings on the internet and her blog. You can read about it here

Here are the pictures with my comments, more like my opinion dont you think

the shades of pink used dont match her skin tone. They appear very harsh and abrasive. I believe neutral toned makeup with lots of bronzes and browns would have looked exquisite along with liquid highlighter to make her skin glow.

here is a full picture of the makeup. As for the hair, i have no comments.

Im voluptuous too and hate to wear figure hugging clothes but this  dress is just too much . It hides so much away. I feel like tearing it off.
Well, those are my comments. As stated before, they are my personal opinion and I havent been paid or sponsored to write this.


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