1923 Face of the Day: Magenta Touch

1 Sept 2011

Here is another very late post. This was my sunday, 21 August look to church. This was also the day i did a makeover for my chubby family friend. I was running a bit late but i had to get my makeup done whichever ways (I ALWAYS do my makeup to go to church) i decided to go for a bright lip (different from my normal look and a winged liner.

So here goes,

Im sure by now you can tell that i like a winged liner

Im sorry about the hair being a lil windblown

I used the MaryKay liquid liner for the eyeliner, Glitter gal mascara in black, my Orekelewa blush and MUD highlighter and MUD Black Satinberry lipstick with the revlon lipgloss over it. In my rush i skipped my undereye concealer so u can see a bit of my racoon eyes peeping under the foundation


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