Makeover 1923: Stella

25 Aug 2011


Last week saturday, i was rushing off to a makeup rep meeting for a new cosmetic company looking to enter the Nigerian market. I did my makeup and was late but i was still determined to do a makeover for my sister before running off. If you follow me on twitter you know by now that my sister's skin is one of a kind and has been 'tortured' by her overtime. it is now very dry and stretchy even though she naturally has oily skin.

I decided to us MUD foundations cos they have a wonderfully creamy formulation to then and as a primer, i used the Smashbox photo finish foundation primer (the next day she said she had been wondering why her face didnt emit oil as it normally does)

Here are the pictures of the entire look (please pardon the brows. Im a complete lover of natural eyebrows - as u can see from mine. She has been begging me to tweeze hers but my tweezers had gone awol and i didnt want to use a razor. i used clear mascara to brush them down though)



Apart from the MUD foundationas, I used Black Opal deluxe loose powder in dark to set the foundation, orekelewa blush for her cheeks, Sleek i-Divine palette for her eyes, Marykay eye liner and MUD lipstick in Rose Clay with Revlon midnight swirl gloss in shockolate for her lips (i dont know why but i love a nude or light lip for my sister. i always do that when i do her makeup and it always looks good on her)

I used false lashes on her from a no-name chinese brand and this was a near nightmare - she has short, full, thick and very curly lashes. I then remembered my continuous prayer to God for  japonesque electric lash curler which i can also use to straighten lashes.

Thank you in advance to anyone who is led to take that item off  my wishlist, God bless you.



  1. Thank you so much. I went thru almost the posts on your blog on saturday.Really cool, i totally love


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