Calicolours Representative Meeting

29 Aug 2011

Hello everybody,

How did your weekend go? I hope it went well. I'm so sorry but this post is exactly 9 days late, but here goes.

Well, I usually don't put my money down for something i don't believe in so this was a touch and go situation. I just went there to be an independent observer and nothing more.

Calicolours is an LA based makeup brand, founded by a Nigerian though, with a desire to provide women of colour (slightly skewed to Nigeria) with the right makeup products for their skin type. You can check out their facebook page here

The meeting was to register reps for the Lagos market and also to get a feel of our thoughts regarding the products (for me that is cos it seemed like everyone there was resigned to going along with whatever it was).

After all the theory part of the meeting i.e. what the company does, their affiliates, the monetary calculations, WIIIFM etc. we got down to actually testing the products which was the key thing for me cos there is no point buying a product if

1. You arent sure of the product
2. It wont show up on your Client's skin
3. You cant recommend it to someone else.

I also had an issue with the fact that the products were mainly eyeshadows. There were no foundations, powders, concealers, basic skincare and the like and that was a huge issue for me. I mentioned it and was assured that they were working on it but in the meantime wanted to put the eyeshadows into the market to gauge receptiveness of the products. My fingers were crossed though.

I didnt make any purchases but here is the brochure with pictures of the products they have to offer right now.

the calicolours brochure
the products
The verdict at the meeting was that skill was required to make the products show up on African skin and perhaps more work needs to be done on the formulation of the products prior to more concentrated marketing.

I don't want to say more about this cos they are dedicated to going back to the drawing board to develop quality products that will be satisfactory to the target market while also being affordable and delivering on the promised value.


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