Grisle & Bay 1923 Pictures

12 Aug 2011

Yes i promised, but looking at some of pictures i really dont want to share them bbuuuuuttttt...... ok, i will but just a few of them.
I really think its my fault though, i should have briefed the photographer before the show so he'd know the kind of pictures i wanted but here they are.

Some of the models were absolutely unable to appear in this post due to undefinable reasons. Thank you

Me at work. As usual not bothering with myself (i really have to do something about that)

After the makeup, before they dressed up for the show proper

*These pictures have not been altered in anyway.

I swear on my word of honour that i shall not pollute this blog with less than perfect work after today!!!
please remind me about this next time i post pictures like these again.

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