1923 Face of the Day: A lick of blue

13 Aug 2011

I can assure you that the name has absolutely nothing to do with the actual look. This is what i looked like yesterday.
i work in an advertising agency and we totally dress down on fridays. So today im wearing baggy combat three quarter pants and a polo T-shirt.

I didnt want to go too over the top with makeup so i have only blistex on my lips, orekelewa blush and a little highlighting bronze cheek colour (from MUD) on top of it. I used the highlighting cheek colour all over my eyes too up to my browbone, jordana blue pencil eyeliner and a little blue shadow from one of the Black opal mosaic palettes (it looks a bit like blackish gray but it comes out with a bluish hue)

with my funny twist up hair

me hanging out the door just on my way to work

with my full brows

me looking emaciated, i wonder why
Did i mention that i also used the Glitter gal blue mascara i won from Makeup by Renren? Check out her blog here. She is awesome.


  1. what product did u use for the blue eye liner?

  2. Hello, i used Jordana twist-up pencil liner in Blue Devine


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