1 Jan 2013

Do You Need To Change Your Perspective?

Today is going to make it exactly two years and seven months since I started my blog and a year, four months since I became active on it with the publishing of A New Lease of Life. It has been a really long journey and I must say that it has been exhilarating, profoundly tasking and mind-blowing to say the least.

It would have been weird if I said I had not learnt anything and even more so if you didn't notice any of the learnings in my posts and various other articles across the internet.
All in all, a post I read on IFB as I type this, has made a huge impact on me I have decided to use it as the inspiration for my first blog post in the year 2013.

So I ask - Do you need to change your perspective? About life, God, work, family, money, even yourself. Mine has changed and has all but gone through a complete turn-around. I have learnt that there is more to life than meets the eye and that whatever improvements and successes I want to encounter in life have to start from me first. I have to thoroughly invest in my personal growth to experience any form of positive change in the other areas of my life. I am therefore devoting my time, energy and resources to ensuring continuous personal growth in my life. Instead of waiting for change to come to me, I am running towards it like David towards Goliath.

In saying this, I also want you my lovely fans and readers to expect a turn around. Not necessarily in content but also in the method of delivery. In writing some of my new posts, I have literally felt a bubble of excitement and anticipation. A question I had ignored before has now been answered and I am so happy about it I could dance on the expressway with no shame. 

I proudly say that Yes, if I was a follower of my blog, I would look forward to my posts and love reading them.

I say 
and welcome to a wonderfully new lease of life.

Love, Barbara
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