28 Nov 2012


Breast Cancer awareness month is October but it is not surprising to see Breast Cancer charity events still hold in November.

Last saturday, a dear friend of mine Nory MUA and I worked at the FASHION FANTASIA BENEFIT FASHION SHOW & FUND RAISER EVENT for Breast and cervical Cancer awareness. It was a well organised event I must say and having being told the look to create, it was relatively easy for us to do our thing.
one of them was missing
To show how well organised it was, there were fittings, the models had the look and the walk and they even got to try out the stage. I thought that was very good organisation and I mentioned as much to the organiser of the event.

We had time to take pictures after the makeup and here they are:
you can see our work station behind her. it was nice to have somewhere to lay out all our stuff.
the ever addictive blackberry in action. I bet they were checking out pictures of themselves they had taken.
As you can tell, the look was pink lips mainly. But in order not to make their faces bland, we made their skin dewy and contoured them well. It was a such a relief to work with someone who could maintain the same pace with me and we got the job done in good time. We even got to meet the 2 designers and help the girls get in and out of their dresses.

What do you think? Did we do a good job?

Yewizzy said...

Love the heavy contour and highlighting, great for the runway :)

Barbara Onianwah said...

Thanks dear.
Unfortunately I didn't get to see them on the runway and take pics.

Inez said...

I felt very glad when I read you say on IFB site that you'd be starting outfit posts next year. ςªŋ't wait to see your personal style. Love your blog.

Anthea Lau said...

You all look so lovely in those print dresses! and I love the pink lips on you guys!
would you like to follow each other?

Maryam Maquillage said...

everyone looks stunning in those incredible textiles!! LOVE!!