24 Sep 2012

Twitter Chat Transcript - #BarbaraChats with @Blushnigeria

Last week saturday - 22nd Sep. 2012, the first ever Nigerian Makeup/Beauty Industry Live Twitter Chat was held. Bola Fadina - owner of Blush Beauty ; a Lagos based brand focused on makeup and beauty was my guest.

We had a lot of participants and I must confess that I was overwhelmed by the participation. The 30 minutes earlier scheduled for the chat was over shot and the chat lasted for over an hour. I was in the store for the chat and took some pictures prior to the chat.
Me trying to make the chat a very formal affair, lol - my note, empty glass of water, phones and biro (i used the camera to take this picture)

@piriye: What has Blush Nigeria been up to this year? We haven't heard a lot from you
@Blushnigeria: This has been a year of consolidation, building up on client base especially in our salon and improving loyalty.

@omegiee: What does the Blush range have in regard to makeup products?
@Blushnigeria: Everything. Primers, foundations, concealers, lipsticks, brushes, bronzers, eyeshadows and various pro palettes. Pro MUAs get a 20% off discount.

a selection of Blush single syeshadows

@omegiee: How do I order these products and have an idea of how they look?
@Blushnigeria: We're planning a road trip to Abuja at the end of October. Will keep you posted on date, time and venue.

@piriye: I have heard about Blush Nigeria focusing on professional makeup artists. Please tell us more about that?
@Blushnigeria: Yes we have numerous Pro palettes and pro friendly prices. We have worked with a number of makeup artists in Lagos and New York.

@elimchick: what's the best secret for living in a hot climate?
@piriye: mattifying products should be your best friend.
@Blushnigeria: mattifying primers, minimum SPF20 and oil balancing powder

@dangeldiva: I got an S201 Shocker lipgloss once from Blush Nigeria. I love it.

@funkadelic_tmm2: Hi Bola, I don't know much about you and your product line.
@Blushnigeria: We have a selection of hair and beauty products. Some are international but also focusing on indigenous brands.

@piriye: Foreign based Nigerian makeup artists are also interested in Blush Nigeria products? How do they get them?
@Blushnigeria: We are working on having our products in London and NY. We can deliver to most African countries.
@piriye: will it be possible to ship from there to anywhere else?
@Blushnigeria: absolutely. We can ship to all corners of the earth.

a section of the sample table

@itsMrCornells: What is your beauty routine on a given day?
@Blushnigeria: Gentle exfoliating facial scrub, toner and moisturiser with SPF20. I take vitamin E and fish oil every day.

@itsMrCornells: What is your favourite beauty product and why?
@Blushnigeria: probably facial scrub. It gets rid of dead cells. It must be a gentle type otherwise it can be harsh and abrasive on the skin.

@omegiee: What type of foundation does the Blush brand carry?
@Blushnigeria: Liquid, cream and also powders. We have 9 colours of foundation. 
here is one of our shades in liquid, cream and powder
@OYINDA5: Which is easier to manouevre for beginners in makeup use?
@piriye: I would say liquid because with a good brush or sponge they glide on easily unlike creams that need proper blending.

@piriye: There is actually a wide selection of eye pencils available at Blush Nigeria.
@Blushnigeria: Our pencils (eye and lip)
@Blushnigeria: our pencils (eye and lip)
@piriye: Swatches of some of the Blush Nigeria pencils
@yemmyagobs: Hello, what is Blush Nigeria all about?
@Blushnigeria: Hair, beauty and cosmetics. Focusing on Nigerian and international brands including Moroccan oil & Mizani.

@bellatolina: How do i maintain my natural hair in Lagos heat?
@Blushnigeria: You need anti-frizz products and ensure it has enough moisture.

The winner of the trivia question - How tall is Bola of Blush Nigeria? was @dangeldiva.
@dangeldiva's gift
Thank you to everyone who made the first #BarbaraChats a success *muah*

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