7 Sep 2012

My Experience with Nigeria's Online Fashion Superstore 'Sabunta.com'

Not one who is wont to decry past injustices, I however feel in this case that it would be an injustice to others to not relate my experience with this store

On the 11th of July i decided that perhaps I should take advantage of the services offered by sabunta.com (now Jumia.com) as it had been advertised via facebook ads and even in Nigerian publications. Being at a loss as regards shopping for especially shoes, accessories and bags, I felt that this would be the solution to my shopping challenges.

I logged on to the site, looked round and needing assistance regarding shoe sizes and actual availability of items, I clicked on the Online assistance button via which a customer care agent provided me with the required assistance. I was also advised to sign-up for their newsletter as it would notify me of the availability of shoes which i indicated a preference for but whose sizes were unavailable at the moment. A buy N5,000 worth and get N1,000 off discount was also a part of the discussion and this definitely grabbed my attention  (who doesn't love a bargain?). I subscribed to the newsletter, bought over N10,000 worth of shoes, chose the pay upon delivery option and got ready to receive my new shoes in 7 - 10 days as this was the timing given for orders to be delivered.

Seven days after my first order, I made another order (well above the 5,000 discount mark) and paid immediately. Upon payment confirmation it came to my notice that my discount had not been effected. I brought this to their notice and was told that I had to use a voucher to enable me partake of the discount offer. After much going back and forth and me establishing the fact that this was not mentioned in any communication with them, I was offered 1 N1,000 voucher as the discount on my 2 orders *rolling eyes*.

10 days after my first order and after numerous calls and messages on FB (FB messaging was the only way I could directly contact them as calls never went through) I asked what the status of my package was and was told that "warehouse was searching for my order". This order was delivered in the evening of the 13th day. Why?

The 2nd order was never delivered. Excuses, upon excuses, upon excuses. It was either a shipment is arriving next week or your order was not included in the new shipment or something. These excuses were always after I had sent a message requesting a status.

What happened to my money? I am sure you are asking.Well, after 1 month and 2 weeks of waiting for an order that never came. I asked for a refund and was told that it would take 5 working days to process it. That was last week wednesday. I have yet to receive my refund and I have yet to receive my order.

 All the dates and amounts mentioned are facts. I am expressing my disappointment and requesting that my money be paid back to me and perhaps preventing someone else from making the same mistake I did.


  1. wow,pele dear,their stuff has nevr made sense to me she,konga.com has satisfied me 2ce

    1. My dear, nowadays I don't trust any of them again o. This one is supposedly the biggest of them and yet they have messed up. I still never get my money.

  2. Sadly this is the state of things its nt the mess up its the excrement they pass off as customer service that compounds issues I feel ur pain Deal dey must be trained from the same manual

    1. Lol. Dealdey ke, I ain't going near any of them again o. I still dey hope se I go get my money sha.

  3. Your comment on my blog brought me here. Well, I feel your pain but am hopeful that they will refund your money. I had similar experience with Kasuwa.com and my money was sent back to me within 5 working days. Just keep reminding them.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging comment Jide. I am really hopeful too o. It is seven days now and still no word. They have not responded to either my FB message or post on their wall.

  4. Keep playing the cool lady you are. Just be patience and keep reminding them about the refund.

    Its unfortunate they failed to realize that their online reputation is at stake cos I don't think anybody reading this post will want to transact business with them.

    Seems they forgot the simple rule of marketing..."A happy customer is a repeat customer."

    Btw, I came here via bloggerslab. Good job here....nice!

    1. Thank you Okechukwu. I will be patient but keep letting them know how disappointed I am. I am yet to get any kind of correspondence from them so I wonder. Thank you for visiting.

  5. Give them another week. They should be able to reconcile the funds and refund it or better still, deliver your products. These systems arent perfect yet, but we will get there .

  6. Wow, that's awful. I hope you get your money back. Good for you, trying to raise awareness, I hope no one else gets caught out.

  7. Wow,I pray you get your money.Amen
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