1923 Visits The New, Picturesque Hegai & Esther Store

24.8.23 72 Opebi Rd, Lagos 101233, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

My very first major campaign as a blogger and content creator was with Hegai & Esther. They had just launched the Asta Gel liners and they were the first Nigerian brand to have a line of gel liners. I received all 5 of the gel liner shades and I wanted to do something different apart from using them as liners so I created an eyeshadow series for the gel liners  (just click on the blank image holders for them to load). I received a glowing testimonial from the owner - Mrs. Gbemisola Adebayo - for the series (and testimonials are cherished diamonds for bloggers).

All that was in 2013. 

I continued to receive support from Hegai & Esther for a variety of projects from then till now (even when I was CSR co-ordinator at Noah's Ark Communications and wanted to teach the kids creative skills like makeup, photography, graphic design e.t.c)

I was unable to visit the new Hegai & Esther store, studio & creative hub when they first opened last year but I finally made the trip and checked it out and I was all shades of impressed. From the entrance to literally every nook and cranny, every corner is picturesque. The furniture is super modern and a sure conversation starter and there was a mirror upstairs I could stand in front of for days. 

Here are some pictures of the Hegai & Esther store

The store also has Suites that can be booked for content creation, makeup classes or a workshop. Here are 2 out of 3.

There is an affirmation wall in the Hegai & Esther store that I absolutely had to take a picture in front of. In case you are looking for it when you visit, it is in a nook on the first floor landing.

If you are ever in the area, be sure to stop by the store, take pictures and tag us on social media. 

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