Life Updates + What A Good Blogger Doesn't Do

6.7.22 Lagos, Nigeria

First of all, I need to acknowledge that I've been a bad blogger. A very bad blogger. 

So much has been happening to me and around me in 2022 alone. So many awesome things actually and I haven't mentioned even a single one here. 

Let me tell you some of them:

  1. I got to lead the Digital Marketing team at Fidelity Bank to cover the International Women's Day event which was the first time the Bank was going to have such an event to celebrate women
  2. Travelled to Ekiti for a CSR event
  3. My office had an event in February for Val's Day (season more like), I got to reunite with Johnny Drille (was shocked he even remembered me), and met Chike and Fave also.
  4. Attended a Women's Networking event and I haven't attended one of those in forever. This one was organised by Leading Ladies Africa
  5. Attended a natural hair event hosted by my friend Koyinsola Vera-Cruz of Tresses
  6. Was present at my first physical Annual General Meeting (for my office of course)
  7. Partied with dear, darling Eki at her Dirty Thirty. Well, I was an old lady and left before the after-party. But it was a beautiful, intimate dinner event
  8. The Fidelity Bank annual Thanksgiving event happened and I was all shades of colourful.
  9. Had my hair made at Tresses (I think it's better to say I've officially become one of Koyin's hair muses, lol)
  10. Then, there was Dr Ken's CIBN Investiture (another first for me)
  11. Invited by YouTube for a 'YouTube for Brands' session. There were a lot of Instagrammable spots at the venue which I took advantage of.
  12. Then, the Ad Dynamo event to launch their physical presence in Nigeria now. This is great because now, we don't have to pay in Dollars for Twitter promotions.
  13. Was at the Art Exhibition of a friend of mine. Apparently, she does body art. The works are pure gorgeousness (don't worry, there is a video of ALL the pieces)
  14. Attended the first-ever Adire Fair held in Lagos sponsored by Ecobank. I wore Adire to the fair, it was all shades of lovely.
  15. I attended the 5th Leather Fair too but it wasn't too great. I was looking forward to it but got there and was bummed at how boring and almost empty it was. All the vendors were selling the same thing literally.
  16. Then I got back on YouTube
  17. Then I returned to Product photography
  18. Then I got back to creating content again
  19. Then I became the Digital Manager for TW Magazine


That's a summary of everything that has happened so far. 

I kept records too so  you guys are in for a treat of blog content.

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