Tackling Makeup Challenges of 9to5 Women | #CorporateBeauty Series

23.6.22 Lagos, Nigeria

 One of the banes of my career as a 9 to 5 professional, is getting ready in the morning. Wearing my makeup I mean. When I worked in Advertising, it was easier because my house was pretty close to work so I had a lot of time to get ready and even wear eyeshadow.

But now! It's a different ball game entirely as I'm out of the house at 5.30/6 am and considering I hate to do my makeup outside my house, that means I don't look polished most of the time (thank GOD for an awesome head of hair & skin that cooperates with me most of the time). 

However, there has to be a way around it. 

I would love to look gorgeous in at most 15mins with the bare minimum makeup required to look polished and put together. Surely, it must be possible.

I don't know if it is possible but I do intend to find a way to make it possible. That's why I started the #CorporateBeauty x 9-5 woman YouTube series. The series aims to find hacks, shortcuts, products, techniques and tools that will help the professional woman (or the woman with only 15mins to spare) look polished and ready-to-go with minimum hassle and stress.

The first set of videos in the series will focus on foundations and powders as the base of our makeup. Products from 5 brands will be featured and they are Zaron, Blot Beauty, Hegai & Esther, Nuban & L'oreal

The selection was primarily based on Affordability & Accessibility. In the first video, I talk more about the series and share the products I'll be using for this series with you.

There will be a new post and video every week focusing on each brand with my opinion of the best way to use it, how it turned out, the pros and cons and an indept review of how it performed during the course of the day.

Keep in mind, my skin is combination and I don't sweat a lot. Thus, my review of each brand will be in line with my personal experience using it.

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