My Absence + 7 Updates

18 Sept 2020


I have missed being here with you, telling you what is happening in my life at the moment and basically chatting my life away with you. That has been a failing on my part and I sincerely apologise.

A recap of all the gist that I either omitted from here *covers face* or haven't told you

- I lost a ton of weight

- I started taking full-length pictures more

- My makeup game has stepped up but it's now channelled more towards the working/professional/corporate female

- I started sharing tips called #SomeOfficeWisdom also around work

- I hosted an IG Live for 8 weeks. One of the prominent questions was What has the pandemic taught you? I'm creating a Lessons from the Pandemic series using what everyone said and will be sharing here on the blog.

- My hair has become more fragile as a result of a health condition I became aware of only recently. So I'm trying to manage it more delicately now and not manipulate it as much.

- I started an Influencer Marketing/Management business. That means I'll be sharing some of that under the 'Work' tab 😀

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