Tips For How I Wear Makeup With Glasses

8.4.19 Lagos, Nigeria

On nomakeup days, glasses are my go-to look so my face doesn't look bland, lifeless and generally uninteresting.

The glasses I wear are protective, anti-reflective lenses - they protect the eyes from laptop screen light, sunlight, glare etc. I actually got them from the hospital and have them for more than 4 years but for some reason people always ask if I've changed the frames *shrug*

The biggest problem I have with wearing glasses though is on days when I decide to wear them with makeup on. They slip and slide off my nose and smear my under-eye and nose makeup. I had to devise a way to make it work.

There are typically 2 things I do when I want to wear my glasses with makeup

  1. I don't wear makeup on my nose & under-eye area. Sounds strange but having sinutis and its related allergies has taught me how to wear a full face of on-fleek makeup without an atom of it touching my upper lip & nose areas. Also, wearing glasses means there will be very minimal focus on my under-eye area so I skip makeup there too. On days when my dark circles are roaring though, I apply compact powder with a puff to the under-eye area so it isn't too obvious in a full face of makeup. Having no makeup on my nose and under-eye area means only one thing - there is no makeup for the glasses to smear.
  2. I wear my glasses loosely. I like my glasses being high up on my nose and brushing my upper cheeks but with makeup, I let them hang a bit loosely on the bridge of my nose. Like this, they don't rest on my cheeks and so damage to my makeup is minimal.

A trick I learnt also was to be aware of when my face is warm as moisture on the skin is the main culprit of glasses slipping and sliding on the face thereby smearing makeup. When I feel my face being warm, I take off my glasses and press a handkerchief or tissue to the area which either has been smeared or is about to be smeared. This absorbs all the moisture and kinda blends the makeup again so the smear disappears or fades.

I love wearing my glasses especially because they make me look like a nerd (which in all honesty I am, lol). But there are those who honestly believe I need them to see, rofl.

Do you wear glasses regularly? How do you work around glasses + makeup?
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