More Pics of the Green and Gold wedding

28 Sept 2010

my sis and the chiefbridesmaid
(the bride is actually my sister's friend)

the chiefbridesmaid

the 2 sisters

here they are again

the bride in all her glory.

the little brides. arent they cute?



  1. Everyone looks so beautiful =)

    I just crossed by your page and it is so nice to see you here. I always wanted to visit Nigeria so much. My husband is from there.I asked him about makeup industry and cosmetics from there. He has no clue lol. We are planning to visit there in the future to his family. Please share a post about cosmetics and makeup industry of Nigeria sometimes. I just followed you on twitter too.

    Take care!

  2. Hi Flora, thanks for stopping by. i definitely intend to be doing a lot of posts on Nigerian products.
    Your husband is Nigerian, waoh! from which state?
    i will be doing a review on some of the Nigerian makeup brands i have very soon so just keep watching.

  3. hi, i have been following your trend for a while now and i feel so inspired. i am so crazy about makeup and fashion and would love to become a professional makeup artist soooon.


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