#28daysofred | Day 24 - Lips So Plush

26 Feb 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

I don't want it to end!!!!
Shocking how it's getting to the end of the series and I don't want it to end. When it first started, I couldn't wait for it to end and now it has, I wish it could continue *shaking my head*

Sorry to bore you. 

Just like at the start of this series, I whipped out never used oldies, same is true of this lip here. For this, I used the NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Plush Red. While I've come to accept I look prettier in gold and I'm actually closer to yellow undertone than anything else, I still tend to prefer blue based or cool reds. Alas, not this one. It is proudly warm. 

I like that it's a pencil though and I think the pencils have been my favourite in this series. Easy application and rich pigmentation is what I enjoyed from this. Also, the product lasted all day long on my lips. Why on earth have I never used it eh?

2 days to the end of the contest. Have you entered?

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