#28daysofred | Day 19 - Eko City on the move

20 Feb 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

And therein lies a wing. To fly, to lye, to dye or just to be mine

I like coming up with wierd lines, lol. Hope you like the one I came up with for the beginning of this post. Haven't used liquid liner in years so got a very affordable one and have been loving it.

I was a bit skeptical this look would come out ...not right. The pastel blue eyeshadow on my lids and how I dragged them into the inner corner of my eyes, the nose contour that started from my eye crease, the liquid liner wing which I'm not even sure was even and then the liquid lipstick which I'd used before and had to rub my lips red to take off after the product wasn't even.

All aspects of the look surprised me and the Taos Eko City Velvetine surprised me the most. I lined my lips first and proceeded to apply it in the middle of my upper and lips, I then smacked both lips together to blend the product properly. Blending was smooth, pigmentation superb and application was a breeze. Fast forward to when I wanted to take it off and there was no fuss involved either. Kudos to Taos for the improvement.

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