#28daysofred | Day 17 - Mega Red I think

17 Feb 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

Knowing myself, there was probably something going on I was thinking horribly about hence this facial expression
Ha, I told you guys I don't know how to hide my feelings na.

Back from the past ie. yesterday's post. But it was a good breather for me. I'll tell you guys something about this series when it's all over but in the meantime, let's find out how the Zaron Mega Lipstick Crayon works.

It was my first time using it and I was pleasantly surprised - it's matte. I don't know but in my mind, a pencil can't be well, matte, even though it says so on the body. This is matte, applies smoothly onto the lips, pigmented and has an awesome staying power. I was pleasantly surprised.

During the course of this series, I've tried and tested not just lip products but other stuff as well and liquid liner is one of them. I do winged liners but with pencils - I'd pick a pencil over a liquid liner pot any day. But I think I'm getting the hang of this liquid liner life.

Or  don't you think so?

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