#28daysofred | Day 13 - Not a Red Light

13 Feb 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

Today is a very good day to be cool, calm and collected so that's what I'm going to be.
Wearing glasses and not caring about a thing in the world.

I don't care for Valentine's day and although all the places I've ever worked at make a big deal out of it, I really couldn't care less. So here I am, being a rebel and wearing red on Val's Day eve instead of the day itself.

If you are going to go all out and wear a red lipstick on the 14th, I do believe there's no other shade better than a bright, moisturing red lipstick which will draw all the attention and catch the light of the candles when you go out to dinner with your man *winks*

The Wet n Wild Stoplight Red lipstick is really perfect for that. It's super easy to apply to - that's outside of the fact that it works really well as a stain cos its super pigmented.
In these pictures, I was trying out my new reflector and wanting my lips to catch the light more than anything else....loving it.

Ohhh, make sure you scroll to the end of this post *winks*

Special announcement tomorrow guys to make sure you stay tuned.
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